If preventive maintenance is such a great idea, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Silver membership is a great dealWell, we couldn’t have asked a better question. Every summer, we get hundreds of calls from folks having trouble with their cooling system.  After the repair, we almost always determine that a regular tune-up program could have prevented it.  Frankly, the repair is usually triple the cost of a tune-up (which is why many service companies don’t promote them very much.)  And if the equipment is beyond help, a replacement is about 50 times as much!

So why not get on a regular heating and cooling maintenance program – our Silver Club – that includes:

  • Annual tuneup, cleaning and adjustment for AC and heater;
  • Priority scheduling on repairs (even on our busiest days);
  • Discounts on service – 20% off your bill! Every time!
  • 50% off evaluation fee;
  • Energy savings from an efficiently tuned system;
  • Protecting your equipment’s warranties.

Stop wondering…contact us to enroll today in our Silver Club – from $14.95 per month.


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