Welcome to Calvertcomfort.com

Calvert is a residential and light commercial HVAC, (heating ventilation & air conditioning)
company. The site is laid out for you to learn what’s involved and what to expect in
maintaining, repairing, or replacing your heating and cooling systems and who Calvert is as a
company. You can also find information on humidifiers, air filtration, and how to create a
consistent temperature through out your home. Get Started with the menu bar on the left. We
hope you enjoy the experience.


What sets us apart as a company is the owners experience. Unlike most large heating and
cooling contractors, I, Chris, and my partner David, started our careers in the trenches over 25
years ago. We’ve worked every aspect of this field and we know whats works, what’s hype, and
what’s just wrong. We’re involved with the business on a daily basis training and transferring
our skills to our mechanics and apprentices. It makes a difference when you can pick up the
phone and speak to the owner and they know what they are talking about.



You probably already expect Calvert know’s about HVAC and you are absolutely correct.
Something you probably haven’t considered is the finesse in how we do it. Starting with our
office, it is staffed and open beginning 6:00 am and closing at 8:00 pm Monday – Friday with
with 8-4 hours on the weekends.  The office is open so that it’s easy to communicate with
you. If you decide to start a relationship with us, we are going to keep you advised and
abreast of everything along the way and you won’t be forced to finagle around our schedule.


Our technicians are highly qualified receiving up to date training from the factory, David

and myself on a regular basis. The techs are proverbial boy scouts and we are very proud of
them because they’re cheerful, polite, diligent and bright. These days you never know who’s
coming through the door but if it’s a guy wearing a Calvert uniform, you have no worries
because we’ve checked each and every one and verified they’ve never been in trouble with the
law or drugs or something you, (or us) should be concerned about. – There good!


Something else about us is our respect for your home. We wear covers over our shoes and place
drop cloths on your floor to prevent us from tracking dirt into your home. We maintain a clean
working area and bring all our trash back with us. The official policy is to leave your home
cleaner than we found it.


Knowing what I know, I say you found the right company. We shop the market and consistently
find companies that have much higher prices and others much lower. We’re priced to be able to
provide you with a competent staff that will solve your problem with out running you through the
ringer while at the same time we’re not going to gouge you. We’re going to be here when you
need us, even if its 20 years from now.



I hope you agree you found the right place.       ~Chris


Services Offered:


Maintenance plans


Repairs on all brands:

                      ductless mini splits



                      natural gas furnace

                      propane furnace

                      unit heaters

                      radiant floor systems

                      hydronic (boilers & radiators) systems

                      steam boilers                                                                          

                      high velocity duct systems

                      central air conditioners

                      humidifiers and humidification systems


                      zoning systems


We install / Replace:

                      Mitsubishi ductless mini splits * Diamond 5 Star Dealer

                      Trane comfort products * Trane Comfort Specialists

                      York comfort products * York Certified Comfort Exert

                      Climate Master Geo-thermal Systems

                      Arzel Zoning Products

                      Honeywell humidifiers

                      Honeywell Thermosats

Service Locations:



Elkton, MD

Rising Sun, MD

Millville, MD

Media, PA

Garnett Valley, PA

Kenennt Square, PA

Avondale, PA

Oxford, PA

West Chester, PA

Chadds Ford, PA

Avongrove, PA

Wilmington, DE

Claymont, DE

Newark, DE

Hockessin, DE

Middletown, DE

Townsend, DE

Smyrna, DE

Dover, DE

Delaware City, DE