Call the company that your neighbors in Avongrove, PA trust for comfort, heating, air conditioning, and duct sealing. We are the experts for the repair or replacement of your home’s heating, cooling, and duct systems.

We provide fast, quality service and replacement in Avongrove, PA, from technicians that have been personally trained by the owners. Our techs are skilled, polite, and clean-cut – you would be proud to call them ‘son’! We promise, you won’t go wrong with Calvert Heating and Cooling!

Air Conditioning in Avongrove, PA

Paying attention to your air conditioning system saves you money, and reduces environmental pollution. We are experts in AC repair. Read more about our Air Conditioning Services.

Heating in Avongrove, PA

Keeping your heating system in good condition saves you money, saves on energy bills, and improves the air quality in your home. We are experts in heater/heatpump/boiler repairs. Read about the 5 concerns most people face when they discover that their heater is broken.

Maintenance Agreements in Avongrove, PA

Become a Calvert Silver Club member, and let our ‘hero’ technicians keep your system in tiptop shape. For as low as $14.95 a month, you’ll get an annual system tuneup, priority scheduling, big discounts on repairs, not to mention energy savings, prevention of future repairs, protection of equipment warranties, and peace of mind!

Read more About our Club Memberships.

Duct Sealing in Avongrove, PA

Did you know that 20-30% of your energy bill is wasted because of leaky ducts? New homes or old homes – they all have duct leaks.

Watch the video from ‘This Old House’ and read more about sealing your ducts.

Go to our Learning Center and read more about issues like Geo-thermal Systems, how to fight oil prices, humidifiers, and other air quality issues. We are experts in finding solutions for your home that will bring you the optimum comfort for you and your family.