Maintenance is necessary to keep your heat pump at peak efficiency and prevent breakdowns.

A Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) study showed a dirty condenser, (the outdoor part of your a/c), can increase compressor energy by 30 percent. Dirt acts both as an insulator and a restrictor so your system runs hot while at the same time tires as it tries to breath through a straw.

As the air conditioner lowers the humidity, the moisture is collected in a drain pan. It flows into a small 3/4″ drain line and then drains in the sump or is pumped somewhere. The water gets quite dirty and overtime mung forms. Part of the maintenance is clearing the mung out and preventing the drain from clogging. Clogged Condensate Systems are a common and major cause of damage to your home.

What to Expect from Calvert System Rejuvenation.

        ●       Chemically clean outdoor condenser

        ●       Clean the sticks and leaves from inside the unit

        ●       Clean the condensate piping system

        ●       Evaluate the temperature output

        ●       Inspect the compressor starting component

        ●       Inspect the compressor contractor

        ●       Inspect the power wiring circuit

        ●       Inspect the blower wheel for accumulation of dirt

        ●       Inspect the indoor evaporator for accumulation of dirt.

        ●       Replace the batteries in the thermostat, (batteries are extra)


What’s not included: (Lets be up front about this)

We do not check the level of refrigerant because every time access the system with set of gauges, a bit of refrigerant escapes and overtime this could effect operation. Your system is a closed loop and unless there is a leak, you never need to “top it off”. Keep in mind, if there is a leak, you will know it because your system will fail to cool. It is unlikely this will ever happen to you.

We do not clean the indoor blower wheel nor do we clean the indoor evaporator coil as part of the maintenance because both of these items are protected by the air filter. If either of these items require cleaning we will advise you of need and quote you a price before beginning.

We do not change the air filters because it is impractical to carry every type and every size of air filter available today. If you provide the air filter at the time we provide the maintenance, we will be happy to change it for you, – no charge.

What’s the cost:

We charge $99.00 for the first maintenance then if you join our Silver Club Plan for Gas Boilers, you would get future maintenance for free plus you get priority service and a 20% discount on repairs. The price for the Silver Club for a gas boiler is just $12.95 per month

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