The Debate should be broken into two components: Structured and Transport Energy.

Transport Energy is portable energy used to power planes, trains, auto, trucks, ships and tractors. It’s energy that travels, primarily oil, but increasingly more propane and compressed natural gas. Structured Energy is fixed-in-place energy used to power buildings — electricity.

Here is where we see the future of energy. Because the United States has an abundant amount of coal and the ability to increase her nuclear, wind and solar power generation, we believe the structured market for energy will be stable over the next half century. Unfortunately, we do not see the sustainability of the transport energy market. Current technology, hybrids, fuel cell, and battery, are having limited effects on auto and no effect on planes, trains, ships and tractors.

Your home can be heated with either transport or structured energy –  but that’s about to change. As the price of oil rises, more fleets will convert to compressed natural gas and propane. The increased demands for these fuels will put the cost of heating out of reach for many of us. Heat pumps are the lowest-price way to heat your home. We believe it won’t be long before it’s the only way to heat your home.