The 5 concerns most people face after they discover that their air conditioner is broken.

#1 How soon before it gets fixed?

Depending on the weather and how early in the day you call, it’s normal to have cooling restored the same day. Although we have a policy to serve Club members before non-Club members, your wait won’t be long because our Club members’ systems don’t break! That’s because Club members receive an annual rejuvenation of their systems, designed to prevent breakdowns before they happen.

#2 How much will it cost?

We charge $99 to send a highly-skilled technician to your home (or business). Once on site, the technician will evaluate your system to determine what’s causing today’s problem. Afterwards, he will present his recommendations to get your system back running. Everything will be priced from our standard repair pricing guide, and we will ask you to approve everything before we do it. Club members get a 50% discount on this evaluation fee.

#3 How can I pay?

Our technicians can accept cash, check, Visa/Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We do not offer store or in-house credit.

#4 How long is the warranty?

If you become one of our Club members, we will extend the standard 90-day labor warranty to the life of the equipment. Club members never pay for the same repair twice.

#5 Is this a reputable company?

We are! We’ve been in business since 1991, and to date have only had 4 complaints with the BBB. That’s a small number, considering we run over 10,000 service calls a year. The guys are skilled, drug-free, safe and kind. You would be proud to call any one of them ‘son’!